Video Cavalry Studio



Video Cavalry Studio is a unique full package company with production facilities to produce world-class 3D animated feature product and visual effects, as well as aninternational sales and marketing department. From the basic idea through storyboards, style frames and creative solutions to final delivery

  • TV commercials

  • Broadcast design

  • Main titles sequence design 

  • CGI, VFX & SFX for feature films or TV series

  • Product presentations

The product of our employees were shown on the following TVs


Animation (CGI & VFX)

High-quality animation is the key for a good product. Every animation begins with sketches with client. The next step is the creation of 3D models, animation and composing. Our employees have extensive experience in the field of cinematography, presentation of product and advertising. 


Video editing & MOTION DESIGN

Our employees have extensive experience in working on TV projects, video clips and video presentations. Basic knowledge of animation makes possible to interact well with animation specialists and color grading specialists. You will know in advance the details concerning the product and we will take into account all the nuances and wishes of our customers according to the project. And of course, we will always get in touch with you during the working process.


One of the important aspects of video are-sound and music. Our composer creates a unique music specially for your project. We can offer variety of genres-from epic to hard rock. Do not forget about sound effects, they are complementing the whole scene. The most important thing, is that your project music can not be find in any stock, that will be a unique music for only one special project.